Battle WOD 1 RX & Scaled “So fresh and so clean”

All Division Standards:
Each athlete will execute the following Clean Complex
Lift 1: Clean
Lift 2: Hang clean

Athlete will execute a clean (power or squat) from the ground, finishing with the bar in the front rack position with knees and hips fully extended. Then the athlete will return the bar to their hip crease without allowing it to pass below the knees before executing a hang clean (power or squat). The complex is finished when the athlete has once again achieved full extension of knees and hips with the bar in the front rack position.

Score will be the combined totals of both athletes.

Battle WOD 2 “Nifty-4-Fifty” Mystery Chipper

Rx Movements: D/Us, toes-to-bar, box jump-overs (24”/20”), and hang snatches (95/65).

Scaled Movements: S/Us, knees-to-chest, box jump-overs or step-overs (24”/20”), and hang snatches (65/45).

Battle WOD 3 “Farmers Sled”

8-minute AMRAP
100m Sled Pull/Farmer’s Carry
20 KB Swings
100m Sled Pull/Farmer’s Carry
20 Goblet Squats

Sequence is repeated until time limit is reached. Team score is total reps. Every 25m completed during the sled pull/farmer’s carry is one rep.

Rx Weights
Sled 135/95#
KB 2/1.5 pood
Scaled Weights
Sled 95/75#
KB 1.5/1 pood

The event will be dependent on the weather and may be substituted if Mother Nature decides not to cooperate. And if it snows, we’re calling the whole thing off. Because Minnesota.

The Final Battle WOD 4 RX

The Final Battle WOD 4 Scaled