Can your team survive The Battle in the Valley?

We’re back for another year to bring athletes a fierce but friendly team competition south of the river. Teams will consist of a pair of same-gender (MM and FF) athletes that can choose to compete in either Scaled or RX Divisions. Teams will be put to the test over a guaranteed three workouts to determine who gets to duke it out in the final battle.


Date:Saturday June 29th, 2019
Time: Gym opens at 8am and final workouts will conclude by 5pm
Place: Crossfit Templar
Address: 14608 Felton Court, Suite 110, Apple Valley, MN 55124 Map here.
Divisions: Men’s RX, Women’s RX, Men’s Scaled, Women’s Scaled
Cost:Early Registration -$125 per team ($150 after)
Shirt: Each registered athlete will receive a shirt/tank
DJ: WOD Music provided by a professional DJ

• FAQ •
Another round of made up questions for the purposes of delivering information:
“So You’re back?”
Yeah we’re back!
*awkward silence*
“What made you want to do this again?”
We Still love competitions and had a great time hosting Battle in the Valley last year, and a lot of that was due to how awesome the community was! We were extremely grateful for the athletes, volunteers, and vendors that came out last year and made it such a great day! We also learned a lot and came up with some new ideas for this year to add to the experience for the community, so we got super motivated to do this again.
“What’s new for this year?”
If you like new things you’re going to be as pleased as a kid on tater tot lunch day. We’re adding fun things like team signs and a backdrop for pictures! Workout wise we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves we can’t talk about quite yet but I’m sure you’ll be happy…. unless you hate tater tots in which case we can’t be friends.
“Hey, I gave feedback last year, what’d you do with it?”
You’re awesome for doing that! As a result of feedback we acquired new mens bars, and are planning logistic changes to help out judges. Hearing from the community was really helpful and should add to the experience this year!
“This is still great! Where can I sign up?”
Glad you asked – here’s a link to the registration page:
“Will we get registration swag again?”
Are panda bears the deadliest animal we’d all love to hug? Because it’s the same answer my friend. Swag with registration this year comes with the standard Shirt or tank for each athlete, the team sign, and more.
I’m a vendor and want to participate, how do I do that?”
You are awesome, send us an email at or fire us a message on Facebook.
“My whole gym and family wants to come and watch; where can we park?”
There’s tons of parking in front of and around the building, bring as many people as you’d like!
“I only like competitions if I can set up a tent.”
Well, that’s a statement and not a question, but you’ll be happy to know there’s a lot of room to set up tents and hang out between heats.
“I wanna lift heavy again”
Settle down turbo, we’ll see what we can do but no promises.
“Do I need to have a ton of experience to do this?”
Nope! We’re setting up the workouts to give all ability levels a chance to come here and compete, take a look at the standards above to see if you’re a Scaled or RX athlete, then sign up!
“Will you be releasing workouts again?”
We sure will, like last year we’ll be releasing hints and movements for workouts prior to the event, to keep things interesting we reserve the right to release full or partial information for the workouts, but with the exception of the secret final, you’ll have a good idea what you’re in for ahead of time.
“What if a division I wanted to register for fills up?”
Don’t worry my friend we have options for you! Our max capacity for the battle is 48 teams (12 per division), so in the event a division doesn’t fill up we’ll fill in the unused slots from a waitlist. If we can get you in we will!
Did your question miss the FAQ cut? Never fear! Post on this site or contact us directly at